Red House Farm

Selling quality, rare-breed, pedigree pork and weaners.

Hello! Thanks for opening our website. We are Red House Farm, based in Lincolnshire, and are breeders and rearers of the Red House Farm herd of Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs.

As members of The British Pig Association and The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Society, we are dedicated to the survival of the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig and as such, we promote traditional outdoor rearing.

These are rare breed pigs, the exact origin is at present not precisely known, but it is believed to have been developed two hundred years ago in Oxfordshire. Traditionally an outdoor pig used to running free in woodlands, rough grazing and occasionally put to pasture.  All the traditional breeds declined dramatically post war at which point only one or two Oxford boars were licensed.

We here at Red House Farm aim to produce quality weaners to breed standard for breeding, as well as for fattening up for their superb quality pork. Weaners are usually available from 8 weeks, are all pure-bred and birth notified as we have no other breed on the farm. However, we will only register those that meet the full breed standard.

At Red House Farm

we aim to regularly have available the following :-

Weaners, growers and young stock for those who have the space and dedication for the breed, whether to produce their own meat or for enjoyment of the breed.

A selection of home produced pork, sausages and home cured bacon.